Optimising People for Performance

Optimising People for Performance

Optimising People for PerformanceOptimising People for PerformanceOptimising People for Performance

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At IMJ HR our aim is:

To provide a dynamic human resource consultancy service that will improve your organisational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

At IMJ we believe that a skilled, motivated and well-managed workforce is the crucial recipe for business success. Our services are designed to optimise your people and improve your organisations performance.

Whether you need a comprehensive service or a specific single function, IMJ will not solely seek to assess the issues as presented but aim to identify and address the root cause. We believe this approach offers longer-term and sustainable solutions.

Our service includes an initial consultation to identify opportunities where your organisation can optimise its HR provision. We will provide a comprehensive report and a plan that will include a cost analysis, a detailed schedule and a suite of consultative and training options.

Employee engagement and management mentoring are two of the key components we deliver. We have a range of products that can transform your people and your business. We can ensure that your HR functions are legally compliant and fit for purpose, both in terms of protection for your organisation and in managing the expectation of your employees. We will engage, connect and work with your personnel to unveil what motivates them and in turn identify areas for optimisation. We will assess your organisations sustainability in terms of employee satisfaction whilst making you a more attractive employer through developing your employee value proposition and your corporate social responsibility.

Our approach is firmly based in an understanding of the interaction between human traits and behaviours. Once assessed they are then contextualised within the organisations social and cultural constructs.  This knowledge then informs the detail of the bespoke service you subsequently receive.

Our Director:

Ian Johnson has an extensive military service culminating in leading one of the nation’s most iconic military brands. CIPD and MCGI qualified, he truly understands the fundamental elements of leadership, development and knows what it takes to perform to a standard of excellence.

Ian believes that honesty, fairness and consistency are the leadership characteristics that encourages teams to perform optimally, and that genuine support and personal investment are what the best leaders offer their teams. His commitment to excellence is the driving force behind the business and is the guiding principal of the service IMJ HR Consultancy Ltd offers its clients.

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Our bespoke programmes will optimise your organisation and equip your employees with the tools they need to  perform at their best. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, reduce your employee turnover, and deliver sustainability and profit.